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I am absolutely ecstatic your journey to find a photographer has brought you here!

I cherish documenting memories: capturing your joy on your wedding day, the love between your family at an annual family photo session, or the celebration of a milestone. Photos are tangible memories you can revisit long after those moments have passed. They are an investment not only for yourself, but for your loved ones for generations to come. 

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Photography tells a story.

I’d be honored  to  tell yours. 

my story

Clients often book me because they see themselves in my photos - personalities radiate through, and real moments are captured as they unfold - not staged or perfect. I am easy-going, kind, and value connection. During our sessions, I will most likely talk about my rescue dog, Penny, and crack a few jokes about her ridiculous antics. I used to work in Alaska, and it is one of my absolute favorite places. I love talking all things music, and I love dry humor (but I won’t turn down a solid pun)! Because of the relationships I create with my clients, I am able to coax out genuine smiles, natural moments, and emotion-filled images that embody who you are. My favorite images radiate joy; they relive every celebration and quiet moment.

why photography

why photography

Growing up, my mom followed my twin brother and I around with an old Minolta camera every moment of the day. Then, it was something we tolerated, but now I look back and am eternally grateful to have those candid moments captured in time. My mom would make copies of every photo and preserve them in an album to send to my grandmother in California so she could live every moment with us. When we’d visit, they were always piled high on her coffee table, and we’d look through them together. This grew into a love for photography, and now I’m the one with a film camera always on hand.

my story

Your story is yours and yours alone. I am here to document it so those memories can be cherished for years to come. My goal is to create images that you absolutely love. 

It’s About You

If you and your partner want to share and celebrate your love, I’ll be there to photograph it! You should feel comfortable expressing every part of yourselves.

All are welcome!

These moments are fleeting! Make sure you enjoy your day with the people who love and support you. Feel secure knowing you have vendors who have taken care of all the details, and your happiness is a priority.

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